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Established in 2001 by Carlton Conley, a business professional, CMOVEMENT LLC Entertainment is poised to be the number one entertainment organization possessing extensive expertise in the worldwide music industry. 

CMOVEMENT Management LLC has an experienced, dedicated professional staff to assist the artist in reaching their goals. We provide reliable services to our client’s with a sense of eagerness. Looking for representation, come to CMOVEMENT. CMOVEMENT has recently 2014 expanded our services to booking dates for college, club, casino, resort, lounge, restaurant, corporate event, concert, event, private party, festival, wedding, fair, or any other special events. CMOVEMENT will assist you.

Fields of Expertise:

The full-service entertainment company, booking, inclusive of artist, songwriter, producer and engineer management; touring and merchandising. CMOVEMENT is home to a diverse roster comprised of country, rock, hip-hop, jazz, r&b recording artists, writers and producers including Lee Loudermilk, Tay Da Great, Evolution Orange, D-Rose Supa Shug, ChySkill, Yung Cash, Jayvid, Chelz Almae and more. CMOVEMENT also has a Non-profit organization developed for the youth. It’s our goal to be a global management company and more.

Focused: Management, Booking, Youth Development business/entertainment

Networking with clients, affiliates, and other interested parties are how we continue to grow for you. CMOVEMENT can play a major role in your career and development. You are the brand, with our help assisting you with business decisions, structure, and knowledge you will reach your goals. You may feel you have been doing a great job on your own, that may be true. However, an individual marketing him/herself has its limits. The method of doing your own promoting often do not live up to expectations in the eyes of the industry, so you have to create a TEAM. CMOVEMENT has a TEAM waiting for you.

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